Pokemon GO: Tips and tricks

In our tips and tricks on Pokémon GO, we will tell you how to catch more Pokémon, which eggs are important as your battery ...

Pokemon GO: Tips and tricks

Nintendo has not really had anything to offer for the smartphone in the past few years, but with Pokémon GO they start right through. The game is now more popular than any other app and with our tips and tricks you will be even better Pokémon. Newly added we have an explanation of what the game is at all and how it works. Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon

Pokemon GO: New Pokemon and a Christmas event

Explanations for beginners

What is Pokémon GO?

Sure this year you have always noticed groups of people, who have partly wild gesticulating on their mobile phone typed and have looked very happy. These people have certainly played Pokémon GO. It is a game that appeals to the nostalgic factor and mundellust. In the game you have to find and catch Pokémon, small pocket monsters, to defeat the Pokémon of others.

The interesting thing about the game is that it makes use of your GPS position. Only if you have a lot of moves and you can find new Pokémon and so-called arenas. Since Pokémon is a brand, which existed already in Gameboy times, are addressed to many, of course, who have grown up with the games.

All talk about Pokemon GO!
All talk about Pokemon GO!

How does Pokémon GO work?

Of course you need the app Pokémon GO first. Once you've downloaded them, you can sign up with your existing Google Account or create a new one. Then you have to create an in-game name and you can start right away.

Install Pokemon Go

When hunting for the little pocket monsters, the app must remain open and you have to run around. Important is of course not to stare while running on the display. This is not necessary because the smartphone vibrates briefly during important events. Important events are wild Pokémon. As soon as the smartphone vibrates, you will notice a small Pokémon on the map. With a short tip, the catch screen opens. This will start the camera and show you the Pokémon in the real world. This is called Augmented Reality and is supposed to increase the playing fun.
Further explanations of the gameplay and functions can be found in the following tips.

Play with incompatible smartphones

There are some smartphones where your Pokémon GO can not be found in the Play Store, although these should be compatible with hardware requirements. Niantic does not have a position yet, but there are ways to install the game anyway. To install the game, your smartphone requires the following system requirements:
  • Andoid 4.4 or later
  • Positioning service and GPS
  • At least 720 x 1280 pixel resolution
  • Gyroscope equipment for AR mode
If your smartphone meets these requirements but you do not find the game in the Play Store, you need to refer to the APK in a different way. Since there are always wrong versions, we recommend you download APKMirror. There you can always download the latest version and do not have to worry about. Once you have downloaded the app, you go into the settings of your smartphone and activate under Device Security the unknown sources. Then you can install the app without any problems. Then you should deactivate this option again in the settings.

Device security
Under Settings> Device security, you can enable apps from unknown sources.


In the game you will always find eggs. These include Pokémon and must be hatched by walking around in the real world. In order for you to hatch an egg, you need an egg incubator. Select an egg and place it in the available incubator to begin breeding. There are eggs, which slip after 2km, but also which hatch only after 5km and even after 10km. Under the point 16. When do my eggs finally hatch? You'll find a list of Pokémon's hidden.

Without an egg incubator, unfortunately, not much happens.
Without an egg incubator, unfortunately, not much happens.


There are many items in the game. This needs your for various actions. I will introduce you to the most important ones here.

Poké balls: Use the balls to catch your wild Pokémon. At the beginning you get Poké balls, then Superballs and later hyperballs. Whether there will be more balls, is currently unclear.
Potions and Illusion: From Level 5 onwards, you also get potions and animators, since you can only attack Arenes from this point onwards. If your Pokémon are hurt, you can then heal them with these items.
Smoke: Smoke is used to lure more wild Pokémon for 30 minutes, making it even more effective. If you run 100 meters within 5 minutes, more Pokémon will appear as if you are lazy at a standpoint. Since you do not get the item very often, it is better to use it.
Lock module: Even more effective than smoke, are Lock module. This can be used on Poké Stops and for 30 minutes, wild Pokémon will appear for all other players in this area. Please also see the section below about Lock module.
Lucky Eggs: You can activate these eggs to get more experience points for 30 minutes. How you use this time best, I have in the tip 3: More experience points explained by luck eggs.
Himmihbeere: From level 8 onwards, you can enjoy these berries. This can be used with wild Pokémon before throwing a ball. This makes them easier to catch and they do not flee so often - helpful especially if you encounter a strong but unruly Pokémon.


PokéStops can be found anywhere on the virtual map. At these points you will get new items and 50 experience points. The items can vary depending on the level and at the beginning you get only Poké balls - later potions, animators and other items.


Surely you will also notice the colored PokéStop-like structures. These are arenas and will be exciting for you from level 5 onwards. From Level 5 onwards, you can take them through battles with your Pokémon and earn reward points and Pokemünzen, which can only be earned through real money.

Poké coins:

This is the game's ingame currency. With this, you can purchase special items that are rarely available on level upgrades. They are not necessarily necessary, but you get faster.


Again and again you will hear the question about your team. You can select this from Level 5 by tapping on an arena. There are three teams in the game that you can choose from: Team Red, Team Yellow (Intuition), and Team Blue (Wisdom). There has been a big movement on the internet that is amusing about team yellow, but do not let the choice of these funny pictures influence you in your choice. It is best to choose a team of your choice together with your friends.

Your choice was the red team. How do you choose?
Your choice was the red team. How do you choose?

WP- Competitions:

These points have each Pokémon and they indicate the strength of this Pokémon. The higher the number, the stronger the Pokémon.

1. Find Pokémon nearby

The new tracking feature has been active since 01.12.2016 and shows you Pokémon near PokéStops. You can tap a Pokémon in the lower right and you will be shown directly on the map where you have to run. Thus the aimless search has finally come to an end.

Pokémon is now easy to find.
Pokémon is now easy to find.

2. Use public transport

PokéStops are very useful to collect your Poké balls and other items and they can also be activated perfectly from the track. So leave your car at home and get on the track as you can easily activate several PokéStops on your way to work, so your Poké balls never go down.

3. More experience points by luck eggs

A luck egg doubles your experience points for 30 minutes. To collect even more experience points in time activated a lock module at a PokéStop or smoke. So you will not be able to catch up with Pokémon and get your points of experience. You can increase the whole with Taubsis. Since there are also many experience points for each development, and Taubsi needs only 12 Taubsi candies, this very common Pokémon can be reached quickly from level 10 to 12.

4. Automatically collect items

One of my favorite tips to save time could not be easier and yet I have found it by chance. If you activate a PokéStop by turning, you do not have to tap each item individually to put it into your bag. It is enough to press the X at the bottom of the screen. They are all collected automatically items.

Simply tap the X to collect items.
Simply tap the X to collect items.

5. Grab them all!

You should catch any Pokémon, even if you already own it. For each capture, you will gain experience points, star dust, and candies of the respective type. This requires you to develop your Pokémon or increase the WP. In addition, you will receive another candy when you send the Pokémon to Professor Willow.

6. Give your candies to a Pokémon only

Sweets are needed to develop Pokémon and they are only suitable for the respective Pokémon. That is, you need a lot of Taubsis to develop only one to Tauboga and it would be a waste to try to develop them all. Therefore, concentrate on a Pokémon of a kind in which the attacks most agree with you.

7. Save battery

The Pokémon GO battery is heavy, you will have noticed it all. It requires permanent internet, GPS, the camera and also the screen is constantly on. For your Pokémon adventure to last longer than an hour, simply go into the app settings and activate the battery pack.

If you now turn the phone upside down, the display will be dark and the game will continue. Your kilometers are thus counted for the eggs and also the mobile phone vibrates with wild Pokémon. Another point that is very important: Disables the AR function. This makes it a little less fun to catch Pokémon, but it saves a lot of battery.

Pokémon GO eats your battery faster than your Pokémon can catch.
Pokémon GO eats your battery faster than your Pokémon can catch.

8. Use Lockmodule

In Smoke, only one person will benefit from the effect that more Pokémon appear. With the lock modules, all the players who are near the Poké stop will benefit. So you can share your lockmodule with friends and find more Pokémon and have fun together.

Since there have already been cases in America where robbers have lured unsuspecting coaches, I ask you to be careful. It's best not to go to such places just to secure you.

9. Pikachu as starter pokémon

Did you know there are more than three starter Pokémon? You can also start with Pikachu next to Bisasam, Schiggy or Glumanda and do not have to accept directly the first offer from the professor.

If the three Pokémon are displayed, just keep running until they reappear several times. After a few repetitions you will encounter a pikachu, which you can capture.

10. Know your limit

Of course you can not catch every Pokémon you would like to have, but there is a good indicator of how difficult it is. Just look at the round ring and its color. If it is green, it is very easy to catch, if it is orange, it becomes more tricky and a red ring makes it almost impossible to catch the Pokémon. So save yourself the Poké balls and try a different Pokémon.

A green circle means you can easily catch the Pokémon.
A green circle means you can easily catch the Pokémon.

11. Spread your wings

Of course, it is important to catch many Pokémon of a species to develop them more quickly. However, you also need other Pokémon to insist in Arena battles. Since Pokémon are found in many different locations, you should go to many different places to discover new species. In Berlin, for example, you will always find a Digda near the Zoological Garden, and Schiggy has made it easy on the Spree to the Friedrichstraße.

12. Rasping leaves

Surely you have already discovered the rustling leaves on the map? There are usually wild Pokémon, which want to be caught by you. Even if there is no guarantee for it, it is always worth taking a look.

13. Extra Experiences for Wild Pokémon

If you turn a Pokéball diagonally as if you wanted to turn it, it becomes a so-called Curvedball and you get a few points as well as the 100 experience points for a successful catch. Also for a ball thrown at the right time, bring extra points of experience and do not let the Pokémon escape so easily. Ship the ball when the circle is smallest directly into it.

A Curveball is the high art of the Pokémon catch ..
A Curveball is the high art of the Pokémon catch ..

14. Deactivated AR

You can disable the AR function while catching Pokémon to catch it more easily. So you do not have to hold your phone in a certain direction, but you can move freely.

To deactivate this feature, you must tap the small AR icon in the top-right snapping screen. Since it destroys the feeling of the game, I recommend you to do so only if you really want to catch a Pokémon or your battery is running low.

15. Use your coins wisely

Do not waste your coins on Poké balls. These are available in limitless amounts of PokéStops, which you can find in many places on the map. In addition, you can re-activate the PokéStops after 5 minutes and do not have to wait long for replenishment. If you want to spend coins, this makes for Lockmodule, Smoke and Bag Extensions.

16. When do my eggs finally hatch?

During your travels, you will find many Pokémon eggs and you will want to breed them as quickly as possible. But unfortunately it is not enough to just sit in the car or the train and thus the 2 to 10 kilometers back. You have to move these on your bicycle or on foot, since faster movements are not accepted by the app. Newly added are the Babypokémon, which you will find exclusively in the eggs.

What Pokémon hatch from which egg?
What Pokémon hatch from which egg?

17. Free Poké coins received

Poké coins are obtained by placing arenas, but you have to wait 21 hours for 10 lousy coins. Another option is to purchase this via in-app purchase. But you do not have to spend money on it. The Google Surveys app will help you get Google surveys at irregular intervals, and in return you'll get a few cents for the Play Store. For me, in two years have already accumulated 50 euros.

Install Google Opinion Rewards

18. Items by level upgrade

With each level upgrade, you will get exciting new items that you can use for the game. I have compiled a list for you with the respective items at Levelaufstieg.
Level 2: 10 X Pokéball
Level 3: 15 X Pokéball
Level 4: 15 X Pokéball
Level 5: 20 X Pokéball, 10 X Potion, 10 X Liquor, 1 X Smoke
Level 6: 15 X Pokéball, 10 X Potion, 5 X Lover, 1 X Incubator
Level 7: 15 X Pokéball, 10 X Potion, 5 X Lover, 1 X Smoke
Level 8: 15 X Pokéball, 10 X Potion, 10 X Himmihbeere, 1 X Lockmodul
Level 9: 15 X Pokéball, 10 X Potion 5 X Animator, 3 X Himmihbeere, 1 X Egg
Level 10: 20 XPokéball, 20 X Supertrank 10 X Beleber, 1 X Himmihbeere, 1 X Egg, 1 X Smoke, 1 X Incubator, 1X Lock Module
Level 11: 15 X Pokéball, 10 X Supertrank 3 X Lover, 3 X Himmihbeere
Level 12: 20 X Superball, 10 X Supertrank, 3 X Beleber, 3 X Himmihbeere
Level 13: 10 X Superball, 10 X Supertrank, 3 X Lover, 3 X Himmihbeere
Level 14: 10 X Superball, 10 X Supertrank, 3 X Lover, 3 X Himmihbeere
Level 15: 15 X Superball, 20 X Hypertrank, 10 X Beleber, 10 X Himmihbeere, 1 X Smoke, 1X Egg, 1 X Incubator, 1 X Lock Module
Level 16: 10 X Superball, 10 X Hypertrank, 5 X Beleber, 5 X Himmihbeere
Level 17: 10 X Superball, 10 X Hypertrank, 5 X Beleber, 5 X Himmihbeere
Level 18: 10 X Superball, 10 X Hypertrank, 5 X Beleber, 5 X Himmihbeere
Level 19: 15 X Superball, 10 X Hypertrank, 5 X Beleber, 5 X Himmihbeere
Level 20: 20 X Superball, 20 X Hypertrank, 20 X Beleber, 20 X Himmahbeere, 2 X Smoke, 2 X Egg, 2 X Incubator, 2 X Lock Module

19. Restaurants and hotels with adjoining PokéStops

Yelp has recognized the trend at an early stage and has already launched its own category for Pokémon GO. You can now activate a filter and only display results with PokéStop nearby. Of course your help is also needed here. If you find a location that is not yet marked on Yelp, it is still looking directly at the app. Here we have an example for Berlin.

20. Pokemon Go Messenger

Unfortunately, the game does not have its own chat and therefore the communication with other players is rather difficult. We have therefore tested a messenger for you, with which you can register with the appropriate team and nickname and write with other players in the area. The best: Pokémon GO does not have to be finished to chat, but runs in a small pop-up.

Chat apps help with exchanging.
Chat apps help with exchanging.

Serving difficulties

The game is very new and still has some battles to deal with. Most players report server problems, but the app can crash.

Most of the problems can be resolved by restarting the app, but you can also check the Pokémon Server Status page to see if it's just not on your phone. If it is at the servers, you can unfortunately only wait and distribute in time otherwise.


There are some rumors we have heard, but could not confirm. There is, for example, the information that can save your electricity and battery when your maps are downloaded offline at Google Maps. As understandable as this principle would be, we could not find that offline cards would have made the game data- or power-saving.

We've also heard that the egg incubator only records tracks when the player moves slower than about 20 km / h. There is definitely a limit, but it is not clear if 20 km / h really is the right value.

Rattfratz is one of the most common Pokémon.
Rattfratz is one of the most common Pokémon.

Warning: Install Pokémon GO as APK

Pokémon Go has not yet been released in all regions of the world. Players can use the Pokémon GO-APK to install and install it. But there is a risk: some available APK downloads have malware and spoil the fun of Pokémon Go.

Our advice is therefore: wait for the game to officially appear in the Play Store.

Pokémon Go in the Play Store

Do you have more tips for our readers (and of course for me)? Write your tips in the comments!



Cool Android Tips | Android Tips And Tricks: Pokemon GO: Tips and tricks
Pokemon GO: Tips and tricks
In our tips and tricks on Pokémon GO, we will tell you how to catch more Pokémon, which eggs are important as your battery ...
Cool Android Tips | Android Tips And Tricks
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