Samsung Galaxy S8: Price, release and specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched in spring 2017. Here we collect information on price, release, technical data and ...

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will appear in spring 2017. Currently Samsung is working on the new Galaxy-S generation and already there is first information about the Galaxy S8. We collect all relevant facts and rumors in our overview article. Update: Samsung does not seem to separate itself from the physical Homebutton at the front, but supposedly also the fingerprint sensor to the rear.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Available Android updates

Samsung Galaxy S8: Release according to plan?

The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is on an unpacked event on 26 February 2017. As usual, Samsung will present the new Galaxy S-Series smartphone on the Sunday before the launch of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

However, the market launch or release should take place in early April. Because of the debacle around the battery of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung wants to take additional measures to quality assurance.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Rumors about the technical equipment

Samsung is to develop the Galaxy S8 under the codename Project Dream. The Galaxy S8 has thus a conceptual proximity to Google's VR initiative Daydream. The model numbers will be SM-G950 and SM-G955. Samsung will therefore stick to a large and a small Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Camera and Self-Cam

For several generations Samsung's cameras in the Galaxy-S smartphones are considered very good. Also in 2016 the camera was surely one of the highlights, but the competition has caught up. Samsung has to go with the Galaxy S8.

As an exciting question, the question arises whether Samsung will choose a dual-camera design, such as Huawei used for the P9 and Mate 9 - Apple also used a second camera chip in the iPhone 7 Plus. The second camera can be either an optical zoom (for example with the iPhone) or extensive bokeh effects. For a long time it was very likely that Samsung would put on a dual camera - at least the big S8. New rumors from China now say that the dual camera has not been convincing, so that the S8 probably only a single sensor will be used. There is a lack of reliable information on the trigger - but probably it will remain with the 12 megapixels of the S7.

The Selfie-Cam of the Galaxy S8 with 8 megapixels to dissolve and thus to the competition. A special highlight could be for fans of the Seflie photography: According to the Korean website ETNews, Samsung is to provide the camera module with an autofocus function. This is standard for main cameras, but this also takes up more space. According to the information, Samsung should have found a way to design the motor for the lens movement smaller, so that the autofocus module does not have to protrude over the display surface. The Selfie autofocus can help sharpen images of different depths.

CoolAndroidTips assessment: Further improvements on the camera are necessary, because the predecessor has in the meantime with strong competition to fight. A dual camera would offer ambitious smartphone photographers new possibilities. It is more important, however, to improve the lowlight performance and also to handle the artifacts in the JPEG compression of the images. Technical improvements in the Selfie-Cam appear necessary, because here again, Samsung falls behind the competition.

Sources: SamMobile, SamMobile, ETNews, Weibo

Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge: Samsung brings with every S-generation a better camera. / © CoolANDROIDTips
Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge: Samsung brings with every S-generation a better camera. / © CoolANDROIDTips

Samsung Galaxy S8: Display and Design

The display is perhaps the most important feature of a smartphone. The display depends on many other aspects, so Samsung is experimenting here with different approaches. There are rumors about several different variants:

Edge displays, S8 and S8 Plus instead of S8 Edge: It is very likely that Samsung will also use the smaller Galaxy S8 Edge displays in the future. Then it would definitely come with the large Galaxy S8 to a name change, because the name add edge would then no distinguishing feature. Maybe the Galaxy-S7-Edge successor simply called the Galaxy S8 Plus. Analysts like Choo Dae-young assume that Samsung will drop the conventional flat display with the Galaxy S8 and instead will bring the Galaxy S8 to the market with dual-edge display.

AMOLED display with RGB matrix: Samsung is also expected to be satisfied with the Galaxy S8 with a QHD display (2.560 x 1.440). And an AMOLED display will continue to be used. But there will be a technological leap: Apparently, the S8 will have an AMOLED display with RGB subpixel matrix. What does not sound exciting, however, would be quite spectacular: Previous AMOLED panels use a sophisticated arrangement of subpixels, whereby several pixels divide the red and blue subpixels - called Pentile Matrix. Subpixel rendering ensures that the content is still displayed in detail. This trick leaves the pixel density high, but the subpixel density of a Pentile display is about 30 percent lower than that of a classic RGB panel. The difference is hardly perceptible in everyday life at high resolutions, but very much in virtual reality applications. Sammobile expects a QHD Pentile display to reach about 7.3 million subpixels, while a corresponding RGB display has about 11 million subpixels.

Borderless design: The signs are condensing that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have an edgeless display. Bloomberg reports on plans that the front of the Galaxy S8 should be completely taken by the display. If this is the case, the S8 will probably get a 5.7-inch display and the larger S8 a 6.2-inch display. Despite the larger display, both smartphones would be about as large as the current S7 generation. On a classic home button, Samsung will do without.

Force Touch: According to a report from the magazine The Investor, Samsung thinks about the Galaxy S8 a touchscreen with force-touch technology to buy. This would allow the smartphone to recognize how much you tap on the display and then perform different functions. Such a feature currently have Apple's iPhone-6S and iPhone 7 models, as well as the Huawei Mate S with ForceTouch.

CoolAndroidTips assessment: Apparently, Samsung is experimenting with several different S8 variants. Differently the different information around the display size can not be explained. Whether Samsung is actually daring an edgeless design remains to be seen - but the signs are condensing, however, that Samsung will take this step. Competitor Xiaomi pretended it with the Mi MIX and proved that it is possible. To be nice to be true, the information on the RGB AMOLED display. For me that would be the hit at the S8.

Sources: Bloomberg, The Investor, Weibo, Weibo, Weibo, SamMobile

Will Samsung be setting major changes to the S7? / © CoolANDROIDTips
Will Samsung be setting major changes to the S7? / © CoolANDROIDTips

Samsung Galaxy S8: No headphone jack, but stereo speakers?

Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S8 without headphone jack. Users would have to be content with USB-C or Bluetooth headphones. Classic phone headsets would no longer be usable with a Galaxy S8 - at least if the information from prove to be right.

Another rumor concerns the question of loudspeakers: According to fonearena, the Galaxy S8 stereo loudspeaker is to receive and possibly an audio certification. After the takeover of Harman Audio, this would be the natural choice. However, Samsung itself has stated that Harman Audio for the Galaxy-S-Series is only in 2018 was thought.

CoolAndroidTips assessment: The rumor about the distant jack connection seems at least believable, even if the last word is probably not yet spoken. Stereo speakers, on the other hand, seem more questionable: in principle, it is not a mistake for Samsung to implement sound enhancements with the S8. However, the information provided by fonearena is not further plausible and the article there contradicts official statements from Samsung.

Galaxy S7 Edge: Was it the last S-Smartphone with headphone connection? / © CoolANDROIDTips
Galaxy S7 Edge: Was it the last S-Smartphone with headphone connection? / © CoolANDROIDTips

Samsung Galaxy S8: processor, RAM and other

The Galaxy S8 will be used depending on the market of the Samsung Exynos 8895 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Both will be manufactured using a 10 nanometer process. In the test lab the Exynos chip clock frequencies of 4 GHz are to withstand. However, the final smartphone will have significantly lower frequencies.

According to the first rumors, Samsung is the memory with 6 or 8 GB of fairly generous dimension. The RAM is to be based on LPDDR4X. Samsung's UFS 2.1 will further increase the speed of the internal memory and shorten loading times.

Samsung is to follow the strategy of Apple in the storage variants and besides the 64 GB and 128 GB variant also one with 256 GB of internal memory plan. Does this mean that the Galaxy S8 is delivered without a MicroSD map? Maybe.

AndroidPIT assessment: The Galaxy S8 will undoubtedly have high-end components. In the past generations the Exynos variants of the Galaxy S were superior to the Qualcomm models. It remains to be seen how the two SoCs are striking in everyday life. It is certain that the Galaxy S8 will not lack performance.

Sources: SamMobile, Weibo, Weibo, Techtastic

Samsung Galaxy S8: Possible equipment at a glance

Samsung Galaxy S8: processor, RAM and other

Samsung Galaxy S8: processor, RAM and other

The above information is based on rumors. Only after the introduction of the Galaxy S8 we will know the actual values.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Features

Samsung Galaxy S8: This can be the digital assistant Bixby

Samsung bought the previously independent AI provider Viv (to the official statement). Already on the Galaxy S8 its digital assistant should be preinstalled - in all likelihood carries this name Bixby. As with the competitors of Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Apple, not only are assistant features on the feature list: Instead, Samsung is developing a third-party open platform, with which Bixby becomes the control center of Smarthome.

A report from the magazine Korea Herald contains the current Samsung plans regarding Bixby. The AI ​​Wizard is not intended to be limited to smartphones, but also to run on various other devices. There will also be remote control functions: it will be possible, for example, to give the refrigerator the command to view pictures on the smartphone.

Currently, however, the platform is not yet big from the available competition, according to Korea Herald. However, it seems clear that Samsung is putting great hope in Bixby. Viv Labs and Samsung agree that AI assistants are the next major revolution in IT.

Samsung may even have a custom button for Bixby to integrate into the case.

CoolAndroidTips assessment: Samsung apparently wants to participate in the market of digital assistants and wants to build their own platform for it. Bixby could turn out to be a flop if Samsung does not incorporate any unique features.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Iris scanner is expected

An Iris scanner is actually confirmed in the Galaxy S8. Samsung had already installed at Note 7 one such. The plan was not to offer additional unlocking, but the Iris scanner was designed for a much more important aspect: it should provide a non-fake identification method. Samsung, for example, wanted to protect files on note 7 from unauthorized eyes. An API should ensure that third parties can use the Iris scanner. After the note 7 has now been taken off the market, the platform is once on ice.

The iris scanner of note 7 will probably have a new appearance in the S8. / © CoolAndroidTips
The iris scanner of note 7 will probably have a new appearance in the S8. / © CoolAndroidTips
Up to the Samsung Galaxy S8. Because already with the announcement of the note 7 it was clear that Samsung would in future future smartphones to buy an iris scanner - even of medium-class devices was the talk. The Galaxy S8 is therefore a perfect candidate for the iris scanner.

CoolAndroidTips rating: The iris scanner may be considered backed up. Whether everyone needs it, stands on another sheet.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Quo Vadis, Home Hutton?

For many years, Samsung has been pinpointed by hardware buttons, although Android is obviously using virtual buttons. It is unclear whether this will remain so with the Galaxy S8. A patent application shows that Samsung will also want to recognize wipes on the home button in the future. Depending on the situation, the S8 could then start other apps. In standby mode, for example, the phone app and the camera would then be reached with a wipe to the left or right.

Synaptics unveils a glass fingerprint sensor. / © Synaptics
Synaptics unveils a glass fingerprint sensor. / © Synaptics
It is unclear whether Samsung will continue to choose a mechanical design, or whether the home button will only be executed as a sensor field. A good candidate for the latter would be Synaptics. The sensor manufacturer unveiled the optical fingerprint sensor FS9100 on December 13th. This detects fingerprints through glass up to 1 mm thick.
There is still uncertainty about the positioning of the fingerprint sensor. While it was previously assumed that the biometric sensor is still placed in the front of the Galaxy S8, the Korean news magazine Naver wants to have received different information. According to this, the fingerprint sensor is to be laid on the back of the Galaxy S8. As the reason, the news magazine states that the iris scanner is already placed on the front and thus the fingerprint sensor from Samsung is to be placed on the back, below the Kameralinse.
CoolAndroidTips assessment: Apple has renounced the iPhone 7 on the mechanical button and Samsung should follow this path. Whether the complete renouncement of one of the design features of Samsung smartphones comes out, but remains to be seen.

The mechanical home button is in front of the S8. / © CoolANDROIDTips
The mechanical home button is in front of the S8. / © CoolANDROIDTips

Samsung Galaxy S8: Concept pictures make you want more

Traditionally designers are thinking about new smartphones. These illustrations, however, have nothing to do with the actual Galaxy S8, but they are at least pretty looking.

The designer Steel Drake has thought in numerous concept designs and thus summarized his dream of a Samsung Galaxy S8 in beautiful illustrations.

Metal instead of glass: The back of the Galaxy S8 should be made of metal. / © Steel Drake
Metal instead of glass: The back of the Galaxy S8 should be made of metal. / © Steel Drake
The reverse is noticeable in his design studies. According to the designer, this should consist of metal. Understandable, as with every smartphone with a glass back, fingerprints accumulate throughout the day and the smartphone becomes slippery. For a metal back then that would not be the case.

As another change, Steel Drake would like to remove the Homebutton and fingerprint sensor from the front of the Galaxy S8. This allows the display to occupy almost the entire front.

 Galaxy S8 Samsung
Bye, Bye Homebutton: For the Galaxy S8 Samsung should abolish the Homebutton with fingerprint sensor. / © Steel Drake
Since the pictures of Steel Drake are somewhat older date, the designer could not take into account important features such as the Iris scanner yet in his design study. The conceptual design of Geskin, dated December 9, 2016, has now taken into account these features. However, as Steel Drake had anticipated in his study months before, there is no Homebutton in the concept study of Geskin. Samsung will then show us how close or close these design studies were to the final Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

What are your wishes for the Galaxy S8? What should Samsung really improve on the predecessor? Write it in the comments!



Cool Android Tips | Android Tips And Tricks: Samsung Galaxy S8: Price, release and specifications
Samsung Galaxy S8: Price, release and specifications
The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched in spring 2017. Here we collect information on price, release, technical data and ...
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